FIRE Update 1: Let’s get started

We are at the end of April and that means that the paycheck has rolled in, the investments are transferring and I have to look through my finances anyway, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start documenting my journey a bit more and just keep myself accountable.

What happened this month?

I calculated my net worth for the first time, with debts and all. Yikes. Big minus. I am definitely at the bottom of all sorts of “average wealth” for my age group in my home country and it will most likely only get worse until I am done with my studies and can focus on paying it down aggressively. So I am trying not to stress out about having these tuition fee loans and remind myself that I do have savings and investments that will help me in the long term.

Since we are on lockdown I must admit that online shopping has been more tempting than ever before – especially combined with the extra loan from my home country I applied for to pay off the more expensive tuition fee loan in the country I study in. Luckily, I’ve also had a lot of freelance work which could cover the more fun and useless spending and I sold old clothes on eBay as well as did some tutoring. It justifies it a little bit but I do hope to save more this month and sort out my closet even more.


My general/apartment savings are currently $3,351.
I am saving up for my intership in Brussels in September (hopefully it doesn’t get ruined by Corona). My goal is $1,500 and I have saved up $872.


My current investments are $2,788 out of my $33,000 goal.
My net worth is $-37,688.

Debt repayment

My current tuition fee debt is $44,141.
I owe myself $887.

Books I’ve read and texts I’ve written

Besides giving this blog an overhaul, I unsuccessfully submitted two pitches. That happens. The most important thing is that I gave it a try.
I’ve finally read Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin after numerous recommendations (I don’t do reviews unless requested).

Goals for next month

I plan to sell more clothes through eBay and hopefully ramp up my freelance work once I have submitted my last assignments for university. I really hope that I can start thinking about plans for summer – I want to visit my family (and take all the safety measures to make that happen) and spend time with my boyfriend, depending on how his holiday is going to play out. I am going to cut down on takeout and be even better at meal prepping, although this has already been a very good month in that department.
I am also tracking how much extra money I can put towards savings and investments this month (above my minimum transfers), so I am excited about how the numbers will look once the month is over.

How did your April go? Do you have any goals?

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