About lockdown life and “getting my shit together”

We are halfway through May and I have somehow not lost my marbles being more or less stuck in my flat here in London. My other flatmates have gone back to their families, and while I enjoy the space and quiet, then I more than ever long to go back to my home country. I just have to be patient and wait for flights, that will hopefully be back in a couple of weeks.

I have finished the semester, so now I have a long summer ahead of me. I’ll continue to work at my part-time job (I was a remote worker from the get-go) and then do some more freelancing, but I’ve also started to read much more. In addition, I’ve started some awesome courses on Coursera, so I have plenty to keep me occupied, besides my determination to eat healthily and get in shape (which always occurs around this time of the year).

I have started to read Sarah Knight’s Get Your Shit Together. I like her writing style a lot and I do feel like I have been in a slump lately, most likely due to poor time management, too many commitments and, ya’ know, a global pandemic. That kind of stuff. I need a little hope, a bit to work on, and this might just be it. I am already the master of a to-do list, but her thoughts on, e.g. procrastination, time-wasters and what sort of fucks I should decide to give, it does make me reflect on my priorities and lifestyle. And take notes.

What has gone well in my finances?

  • I’ve put some extra money into my savings and my investment account.
  • I finished reading Your Money or Your Life, which was super interesting.
  • I’ve only ordered takeaway once (and tipped the driver). But I’ll probably do it again once Five Guys reopens, lol. I dream about burgers.
  • I have a ton of healthy, tasty recipes.
  • I have been booked for some tutoring, which will also add a bit of extra cash.

What has gone not so well in my finances?

  • I ordered this very expensive item, which I will make a separate post about, since I hope the cost might be worth it.
  • I bought a training program. I usually don’t use them, but this time it is about flexibility, which I have been working on consistently.
  • I have been slacking off and haven’t put everything up on eBay that I want to sell.
  • Online shopping is really fucking tempting, but we are trying to stay good here..

I do look forward to go back and (besides eating for free, lol) go on long runs, sunbathe and see all my old friends. Going stir-crazy is a real thing and I don’t think it has a good influence on my finances.

How is your May going so far?

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