A female investment: Laser treatment

It seems like the FIRE community is dominated by male voices. I have never really given it much thought until now, but I have long been aware of the financial differences between genders – everything from the pink tax to how maternity leave affects female earning potential. But most of all, I have always been a little jealous of my male friends whenever we were travelling or just getting ready to go out somewhere. They never have to spend a long time on grooming, while I feel like I am fighting a constant uphill battle.

I have decided to tackle one of these battles now, in a small, expensive but hopefully also efficient way. You see, I am one of the people that prefers to shave my legs. I may be brainwashed by society, gender norms and my dear mum, but it is honest to god just a simple preference. However, I have to use more water in the shower to shave, I have to spend money on shaving products and aftercare to avoid irritated skin, and it takes time. Those precious minutes add up, not to mention having to bring shaving gear for trips.

So I bought a laser treatment.

It was expensive as heck, I’ll admit that straight away. I have been delaying the purchase, because it is just cheaper to keep buying razors – but even razor blades add up significantly over time, and I finally got frustrated enough to take the plunge.

You have to be patient with laser, as the skin has to be treated several times over many weeks before the effects start to appear – but I find that to be a worthy investment:

  • I will save time in the shower, making it quicker to get ready
  • I will save water (and money)
  • I can stop buying razors
  • I can stop buying shaving cream (… Okay, olive oil, but still!)
  • I can stop buying aftercare products
  • I can stop worrying about my skin getting rashes
  • I can stop bringing shaving gear for holidays

That means more time, money and peace of mind for me. I am quite sure that my handy laser treatment will pay for itself, since constantly buying razor blades and shaving products do add up over time. It may not be a very finance-focused type of investment, but it is also important to invest in yourself.

Photo by Uby Yanes on Unsplash

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