FIRE Update 4: July

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We are at the beginning of August and that means that the paycheck has rolled in, the investments are transferring and I have to look through my finances anyway. It is the perfect time to review my journey and just keep myself accountable.

What happened this month?

What a month. I came back to London, and while I am happy to be back and seeing friends and loved ones, then I also got my passport stolen in a robbery. Not only is that a huge hassle, but it is also very expensive to get a new passport (£121 for my country).

Besides that, then I’ve had a busy month with a lot of work and family commitments. I actually felt terribly stressed out at the end of July, which I why I decided to put my freelance status as “out of office”. I need to scale down those activities, especially once I start my internship in Brussels – but I decided to do it now so I can both stay on top of work, review material for university, and have more time to have fun and get other things done before September comes. I have turned in the last few freelance assignments and it will be nice with a commitment less to worry about.


My general/apartment savings are currently $4,251.
I am also starting to save up for a trip in September with my partner. It will only be a weekend getaway, so it will not be too expensive, but I like to be prepared, so I have already put aside $150 and would like to have around $500 for it. Otherwise I am just working towards my savings goal for the apartment savings.


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My current investments are $3,824 out of my $33,000 goal.
My net worth is $-47,152.
I did a massive recalculation of my tuition fee, mainly because my home government had offered extra loans, which are far cheaper than the UK tuition fee loan I have. That meant my networth went even more down. Since I haven’t subtracted this loan from the more expensive loan, they are currently on top of each other, so I know it will readjust in the future, when I have a final number on how much money that should be repaid. The numbers are just quite painful right now, but I think I need exactly that. The more I can pay off early, the better. Sigh. I may do updated numbers for my loan at the end of the year, just to end the year on a more positive note.

Debt repayment

My current tuition fee debt is $52,664.
I owe myself $629.

Books I’ve read and texts I’ve written

I did not get a lot of writing done this month because I was too stressed out, but I have read some books. I am starting on Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky (or however you English-speaking people spell it), which is a big whale to get going with, but I am quite optimistic.

Goals for next month

For August, I will mainly be sorting out academic stuff, work at my part time job, and focus on my health. I do have a couple of planned purchases, but nothing too frivolous. I don’t have a huge urge to spend anymore, which is wonderful, so I will just be mindful and appreciate whatever extra funds that come my way. I will also start up my eBay selling again, so I have a smaller closet before my internship starts. I am quite excited!

How did your July go? Do you have any goals?

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