Taking on the Uber Frugal Month Challenge

January is the prime time for setting new goals and try to better yourself. My goals haven’t changed a lot over the last two years, but I do like a challenge. When I stumbled upon the Frugalwood’s Uber Frugal Month Challenge, I was immediately interested. I am not a frivolous spender per say, but I do think I could use a bit of a refresh and really zoom in on my spending. The last semester has been absolutely crazy, and I neglected that – a lot. So I am viewing it as a bit of money detox.

Of course, I will not in a thousand years be able to be as cool as the Frugalwoods, but I still like the idea of pressuring myself a bit and see what I can do without. I will try to dedicate some time each day to read their content, set goals and cut down on things. Find cheaper alternatives.

I will be isolating early in January, which will probably pose some challenges as I cannot get groceries, but I have found some workarounds on that. So far, I am looking into the following objectives:

  • Cut down on take-away food.
  • Get going with meal-prepping.
  • Cut down on “luxuries”; such as (often unhealthy) snacks, and instead find healthier, cheaper alternatives.
  • Sell the remains of the clothes I already purged from my wardrobe.
  • Look into slow food
  • Look into doing some more eco-friendly and perhaps money-saving swaps.

I want to give a weekly update or so on how it is going. I know my January will be super busy still, but I have realised that I cannot keep putting my career as first priority constantly every single day. It leads to burnout and neglect of my health and my money. So this is hopefully one area where I can see several benefits of focusing on, while I also try to attend to other areas too (fitness, reading, social life, etc..)

If you want to join the Frugalwoods’ Uber Frugal Month Challenge, then you can sign up here, where you can also find info on their FB group and much more.

Photo by Renāte Šnore on Unsplash

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