New design, who dis?

I realised that I have been neglecting the blog quite a lot. I was also quite confused about where I wanted to take it – what to focus on, what should/could I write about, and so on. So while I was completely destroyed with university work (phew!), I also had a bit of leftover mental space to think it through. Now I am ready to go for it.

If you have been here before, you may have noticed that the blog has gotten a fancy new (incredibly basic) design, a little drawing of me, and some posts have been removed. I am trying to rewrite the ones that will fit my vision for the blog because I do want to make an effort. It is a good writing practice and also one of my core values – doing your best. Use half-assing for things that are, well, perhaps not going up on the internet.

So what is the focus of this blog?

My goal is to de-mystify how young people handle money. Show a peek behind the curtain. I am only figuring things out, slowly figuring out the career direction I want to take, finding my core values and priorities for where I want to put my money. Like everyone else. But here, I can be upfront about the challenges, my best tips and resources, and hopefully contribute with something useful in the personal finance blogosphere. We’ll be talking about:

  • Spending money in the big city as a young person (without the zen of those cool finance bloggers, unfortunately)
  • Saving money for investing, travelling, and luxuries – and how it CAN be done on a smaller income.
  • Earning money while juggling your studies, main job, volunteering, and all that jazz.
  • And all the other things that constitute life as a young student in London!

I see myself as a person who can Get Shit Done and knows how to work hard. It is a constant practice, and for many years, I had nothing to show for it (perhaps except some very expensive designer bags, which I still love). This blog also helps to keep me accountable and see how I progress from a small finance fish to a big, uh… money shark?

In any case, I am sure it will be a fun process! Maybe you’ll be horrified, maybe you’ll pick up some good tips – I am also just figuring out my life as I go along. At least now I have a place to write it all down, and hopefully start a good conversation.

Stay tuned for more posts – I’ve set up a real fancy content schedule now, so you can except regular entries. You can also follow the blog on BlogLovin (if anyone still uses that?).

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