Weekend Money Diary 1: You don’t spend a lot when you are sick

I’ve been inspired by The Luxe Strategist’s old money diaries and, of course, Refinery29, so this is my take on it. I’ll be tracking my spending during the weekends for now, since I like reading what I’ve been doing, and I don’t think I could keep track of an entire week yet. So here’s what I, as a 20-something student/freelancer/consultant in London spend during a weekend.


7.30: I have barely slept this night because the side effects of my second jab of the vaccine is kicking in. Not only do I have a ton of work and a medical appoint, but I’ve also got plans for the evening. We’ll see if they hold up.

8.00: Cancel the medical appointment. Decide to get bare amount of work done.

Lunch: Leftover burger and home-cooked fries. Easy.

4 pm: Fever kicks in again after the paracetamol starts wearing off. I cancel my plans for the evening, and my partner and I agrees on date night the following day, where my side effects should be drastically diminished (based on what other people have reported).

Dinner: Nothing. Im exhausted, shivering, feverish, have a headache and muscle pains. Don’t wanna eat.

Total spent: $0


8.30: I had a really good night’s sleep and feel pretty decent. But I also have work to catch up on because I’ve been dealing with side effects for two full days, so that’s what we’ll get into.

Breakfast: A waffle and some melon. I’ve run out of tea, and Im a bit of a tea-snob, so I’ll have to restock asap.

1 pm: I decide to clean my room and dress up. Im going out for sushi later, so I need a refresh. And a break from work..

Lunch: I decide to go with some more melon and toast, because Im strongly counting on getting my money’s worth of sushi later.

5.40: I go to buy tea and arrive last minute before they close – but I only need a refill, so they’re being nice about it. I still have some time before meeting up with my partner, so I stop by Apple on Regent’s street to check out their Apple Watch, which I am considering investing in. However, the store is too crowded for my liking, so I decide to go on a stroll instead while I wait. I walk into three different protests along the way but eventually arrive safely at the restaurant in SoHo.

Dinner: It is all-you-can-eat-sushi, but made to order so it comes fresh out of the kitchen. Some people think that’s a given – it is not if you grew up in a small town with one Chinese (yeah, they weren’t fussed) restaurant. It is delicious. I pay for dinner since I invited. It comes out to $72.00 for two people.

We go on a walk in central, then back home and watch an episode of Vikings.

Total spent: $72.00


Breakfast: I wake up to tea, baked goods and fruit. I spend most of the next hours just chilling, walking around the flat to do bits and pieces.

1.00: I’m supposed to catch up on the work I missed when I was sick, but I get caught up watching Iliza Shlesinger’s new movie. No regrets.

Lunch/dinner: Im not feeling hungry or in the mood for cooking, so I go out to buy a frozen pizza. I’d never had one before I moved to this country and now I voluntarily eat them. Sigh. $2.70.

The rest of the day is spent on catching up on work and putting things for sale on eBay. It has been a very chill weekend, but I suppose that is to be expected when I got knocked out by the vaccine. It was definitely worth the temporary illness though.

Total spending this weekend: $74.70

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

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