Weekend Money Diary 2: Euro 2020, cheap drinks and to take away or not?

I’ve been inspired by The Luxe Strategist’s old money diaries and, of course, Refinery29, so this is my take on it. I’ll be tracking my spending during the weekends for now, since I like reading what I’ve been doing, and I don’t think I could keep track of an entire week yet. So here’s what I, as a 20-something student/freelancer/consultant in London spend during a weekend.


7.00: Im up and going earlier than usual because I have a lot of work to do, as well as grocery shopping, exercising and cleaning. We’ll see how that goes.

9.00: I go for a small run to the big Sainsbury’s to tick off the exercise bit and buy stuff I need for dinner and drinks later today.

9.30: My boss calls me about a project proposal that has to be done ASAP. I can already tell my plans are going astray.

10.30: I’m back from the grocery shop. I’ll split the cost of wine with my friends, so my share + groceries comes to $21. I also considered purchasing a travel card to see if I could save costs on travelling – but with the recent price increase, I doubt I will be using it enough to justify the cost, so I decide not to.

Lunch: Leftover chicken wrap.

1 pm: I go to the post office to send some clothes I’ve sold on eBay. I use leftover boxes I have gathered in the house over the last few months.

I continue with work and make time for some cleaning too.

7 pm: I’ve done what I can with work and I’m not as behind as I feared. Now I’ll cook dinner (a French casserole recipe) and be ready to have a chill evening with drinks and great company. I appreciate that none of my friends insists on spending every night at a pub or a bar, because I currently need to watch my budget much more than usual.

Total spent: $21

Sold clothes ready for their new homes.


7.30: I had a terrible night’s sleep and wished I had had at least an hour more. Oh well.

Breakfast: Tea, toast and scrambled eggs.

12.00: We were supposed to attend a birthday party in a park today, but the host has been in close contact with someone who tested positive. I choose to do work instead so I can catch up and take a mental note of the new date of the party.

Lunch: I get caught up in work and skip lunch. Woops. I have some crisps.

4.00: Im feeling the effects of the lack of sleep now. Maybe if I just close my eyes for a little, I’ll feel better…

5.25: Ah shit. My country is playing today in the Euro 2020 but I wake up when the game has started. We’re doing surprisingly well this year so I actually try to stay updated – we’ve already scored so off to a good start.

Dinner: I have my final leftover chicken wrap, and resist the tempation to get a takeaway. There are a lot of offers since England is playing.

I go to bed and read a bit.

Total spent: $0.00


Breakfast: Tea and a waffle. I am waiting for my bananas to ripe so I can experiment with baked oats.

9.00: I check my budget and make a loose meal plan. I have decided on a weekly spending limit to ensure I stick to my budget, so I need to keep track of things.

10.00: Time for run and grocery shop (for the things I couldn’t carry home on Friday). Total comes to $14.09.

Lunch: I have another urge for takeaway, but planned ahead and heat some chips and fish fingers in the oven instead.

Rest of the afternoon and evening is spent doing chores and preparing for the coming week.

Dinner: Stir-fry with easy ingredients from M&S I bought earlier.

Total spending this weekend: $35.09

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

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