Weekend Money Diary 3: Nursing a hangover and testing my new bike

I’ve been inspired by The Luxe Strategist’s old money diaries and, of course, Refinery29, so this is my take on it. I’ll be tracking my spending during the weekends for now, since I like reading what I’ve been doing, and I don’t think I could keep track of an entire week yet. So here’s what I, as a 20-something student/freelancer/consultant in London spend during a weekend.


This day was a bit of a haze for me at this point, but I had a decent workday and then went over to a friends’ house for drinks and goodbyes before one of them is leaving the country.

7 pm: We are getting bits and pieces done in the house and I also manage to score a few things, including an ice cream mould. We get McDonalds’ and buy some cheap rosé in a supermarket. $23.67

The rest of the night is spent with cardgames, too many drinks, and I stagger home several hours past midnight. My partner is still out, and I don’t notice him coming home before I wake up in the morning.

Total spent: $23.67


9.50: I wake up several hours later than usual with a splitting headache and an overall off feeling. That’s the price you pay, I suppose. My partner brings me tea in bed.

Breakfast: Tea and a waffle. I can’t be bothered.

Lunch: We stagger over to a nice little café where we get a jerk chicken wrap and a salmon poké bowl. My share is $20.68.

14.00: We do eventually go out for a walk in the neighbourhood, buy groceries (my partner owes me so he covers them), and watch the rain. We have a decent view over London, so it looks really nice, and none of us has the mental brainpower to do anything remotely productive.

Dinner: We make an easy dinner consisting of peanut stir fry and I make dessert – apple crumble.

We both go to bed and read.

Tried out a TikTok recipe – seems OK!

Total spent: $20.68


Breakfast: Tea.

10.00: I clean the flat and start decluttering some of the things that were put in random place as we were moving in. I always feel more productive when my environment is clean and tidy.

12.00: I make a big bowl of pasta salad to last us for a few lunches in the coming week. It is the Cold Peanut Noodle Salad from Budget Bytes, highly recommend!

Taking a break in my old neighbourhood.

4.00: I forgot to deliver a key to my previous landlord, so I cycle over to the old place to hand it in. I am glad I took the bike, since XR protests have blocked a big area of London, but I can easily get through the chaos. I am very new to biking in London and it feels quite daunting, but I learn every time I am out there and I am slowly getting more comfortable. The saved $$$ and additional exercise is also a huge motivation to use the bike (bought secondhand).

Dinner: We’re having plant-based burgers with homemade chips and an apple/kale salad.

Total spending this weekend: $44.35

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

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