Hi there and welcome! I’m Zelda.

Are you also one of those people who walk around thinking that every else seems to have things figured out, while you are just sort of… Drifting along? Not sure what to choose, where to go in your career path or even what path you should start on?

Well, you’re not alone. Surprise. I’ve been there, and I am very much still at it. As a student and part-time worker/intern/business owner/volunteer/style enthusiast, I have some things figured out, and others that I am still working on.

I’ve lived in London for a few years now, and I’ve met all kinds of cool people that do just as cool things all time. I always wonder how other people living in big, expensive cities can “do it all”. What kind of work do they do, what kind of help are they getting? Where do they save and splurge? There seems to be quite a stigma around this, especially for young people in their early twenties like me. We are also the prime target group for getting pressured into buying all the things, seeing all the things, doing and creating all the things – and show it off online.

That’s fine with me. I also like to show off. But I also want to keep myself accountable and provide a peek behind the scenes. I want to be honest about my struggles, how I prioritise my spending, and how I save and invest for my future, experiences and all those nice luxuries in life. I hope I can inspire you, perhaps provide some good tips and tricks, and start a conversation about managing money as a young person. That’ll also keep me from playing Sims all night…

If you want to have a chat or provide some suggestions for blog posts, drop a comment or shoot me an e-mail at uncommonzelda@gmail.com.

So what is this blog for?

Well, this blog is for you if you want to…

  • See how a Fellow Young Person manages her money
  • Learn more about juggling studies, work and still have a life in-between
  • Have money for luxury in life without eating oatmeal for the rest of the year
  • Get inspired to talk about personal finance without shame, pointed fingers or “one fits all”-rules

And who am I to talk about it?

Okay, maybe you’d like to know a liiiittle bit more about me, since I am trying to offer a lot of unsolicited insights into how I manage my life and inspire you to do the same. I moved to the UK a couple of years ago for my studies, and I am still in full swing of doing just that.

I’m the first person in my family to attend university, let alone abroad, and unlike other fancy foreign students, my parents cannot afford to support me through university. Since I insisted on getting a very expensive education, I had to learn how to save, manage money and earn as much as possible without sacrificing my studies or career prospects. I am also quite fond of personal style and great experiences, where quality is much, much more important than quantity – and I am also trying to set myself up for financial success and freedom. A lot of goals to handle, and not enough hours in the day, perhaps. But here, you can read about how I go about it and see what an actual young person spend, earn and save while living in a big city.