The full list

… of books I’ve read. I may or may not review them, but if I do, you will not only see a nice post about it, but it will also pop up as a red link. Please note that the review of The House of The Dead may direct you to my other blog, but the others should stay within this domain.

My current reading goal is 15 books in 2020.

I am constantly trying to squeeze in as much time for reading as possible. I have been a bit ‘off’ with books since starting uni because of the sheer amount of reading that I am already doing – but reading books for fun not only lets me disappear into a completely different world, it also trains me to focus on my academic reading.
Because I am deep down a competitive idiot, I decided to keep a list of books I have read. I will possibly review them, if that is something people would be into and then a link will appear at the title, but I will mainly stick to reviewing finance books. Also, feel free to recommend a book!

2020 books in alphabetical order (6)

D. Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People
G. Clason: The Richest Man in Babylon
A. Kay: This is going to hurt
M. Kimer: Krigen Indeni
V. King: Good Vibes Good Life
E. Perel: Mating in Captivity

2018/2019 books in alphabetical order (11)

A. Aciman: Call Me By Your Name
J. Baldwin: Giovanni’s Room

C. Bukowski: Notes of a Dirty Old Man
A. Camus: The Plague
A. Chekov: A Nervous Breakdown (short stories)
F. Dostoyevsky: The House of The Dead

B. Easton Ellis: The Rules of Attraction
Homer: The Iliad
K. Hosseini: The Kite Runner
K. Ormerod: Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life
W. Shakespeare: Macbeth